from series Nameh  نامه
looped single-channel videos (2020)

Once I bleached the pages in a book about Persian miniature paintings to scrub it clean of people. I was in the single digits, and my religious uncle told me art was idolatry. But with the epic paintings blotted clear of faces, the tableaux seemed all the more alive for a boy like me, who’d rather envision the lovers of old as two men, or Seyavash as a beefcake. Alas, with turn-of-the-millennium gifs (the hieroglyphs of my youth) perhaps one can unlook.

19 Memories of Roses
single-channel videos
ongoing, length tbd

Videos that simulate someone digging through DVD menus that fall into the open mouth of memory with a click, much like a lick, but with a curious violence; wandering through menus buried in menus, a gesture of play, falling down the z axis, a gesture of grief. After all, all is falling, and a DVD menu can be a diary.